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14 April 2009

The Fish Greeters of Alcoy

They just sat there. On the beach. Like some entranced zombies waiting for the kill. I did not understand. When I saw them they were silent. Staring. In the distance. If not of the torches put in a red plastic containers, the place would have been mistaken as abandoned. The moon slowly inched up the sky. There I saw them. That was when I discovered them.

Still I did not understand. I did not asked for the answers. Some times we never ask. Observation provides the answers. 

And then the innocent boats came to shore. Their innocence was evidenced by just the shadows the moon cast on them. Like ghosts never wanting to be disturbed. But a single boat with a torch slowly made circles and advancing towards the shore. A leader? A shining light to be followed? I was amazed. The boats and the people at the shore acted the same. 

And then a shout.

Just one shout and the shores suddenly made a frenetic activity. The zombies came alive. Running. Dragging. Pulling. Shouting. Their shadows illuminated by the moon. The torches came on. Then I saw the small silvery fish on the nets they were pulling. The zombies were preying on the small fish. The small things jumping out, their silvery color being enhanced by the moonshine. The moon and the death amongst them. Survival of the fittest. Silver. Moon. Death. Survival.

The once-thought-as-zombies were alive with the intent to kill. Eat specifically. They were putting small silvery fish on containers. Large ones. Too large for the small fish. And giving a measure to those who helped. One for the pullers. Two for the drivers. How much for the sailors?

I was caught in the madness...

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