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27 April 2009

"Avoid touching, kissing, and hugging." - DOH

As if it were not enough, Mexico, already threatened by a deadly swine flu virus, was rattled by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake on Monday, 27 April.

Meanwhile the Philippine government stepped up its efforts to get rid of any possible contamination in the country. Health officials asked Filipinos to refrain from hugging, kissing or even touching other people.

That means I have to wrap myself up in a bubble world starting today until the virus is contained. Sorry guys, you will miss my hugging and kissing for the time being.


..the “proper way” of coughing, say health authorities, is to cough into one’s shirt, holding the neckline over one’s face to prevent the spread of germs – carried in the air through droplets expelled by your mouth or nose – to other people.

Washing one’s hands frequently, or using alcohol hand cleansers, are also practices we can adopt to prevent spreading not just swine flu virus but other germs as well.

Swine Flu Etiquette/Rina Jimenez-David

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Anonymous said...

so that means i cannot kiss you? hahaha.

Edik said...


hahaha you should have put your name in here so that i will/can kiss you.

kg said...

i heard too much alcohol is not good. handwash na lang. :)