Search and You Shall Find in My World

12 May 2009


I barely have two hours sleep and was suddenly awakened by these-
  • Children running around playing tag. Their laughter filled in my sleep. They are happy. I smiled, their happiness infecting me.
  • Kitchen utensils banging. Somebody must be cooking and it means they have food.
  • A pig snorted and squekked. It reminds me of a Muslim friend who is afraid of pigs. I laughed silently.
  • Birds twittering. It means my place is still blessed.
Ahhh it is so nice to hear happy noises.


kg said...

at least you were woken up by happy sounds...hindi yung mabwibwisit ka sa naririnig mo. :)

Edik said...

oo nga. yung pinaka-ayaw kong mangyari ang magising dahil sa sobrang lakas ng karaoke. damn! i hate that.

Anonymous said...

have a good day brother.

Edik said...

such a lovely day guys. thanks for visiting.