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01 May 2009

Of mad clients and overt frustrations: Another episode of my life as a frustrated designer on Labor Day

Today is Labor Day and I am frustrated again.

I have this client who asked me to design a brochure, business card, company stationery and perhaps her website (which I did not take because I don't have the talent for that) for her newly established travel agency. That was almost a year ago.

Feeling her enthusiasm and because she was the aunt of a bestfriend, I made studies for her. (Please take note here that I almost always make three studies for each item my clients asked me to do, sometimes even more.) She had the business cards printed. The stationery which I made was junked, I supposed, since I never heard from her that she should have it printed. And so with the brochure I made (I did the copy and the design).

I almost forgot about them when she emailed me again, to resurrect her dream stationery. There must be a force stronger than the Holy Spirit that motivated her to do so. So I again submitted my three designs to freshen her mind. Not because I am recycling an old design, but since she had her business cards printed and I have this obsessive-compulsive urge to match my client's company stationery and business cards for uniformity and aesthetics.

She wanted another design. Very specific. Use this one, she emailed. Okay. So I made another design based on that and emailed to her for approval. She also sent me P4,000 thru my bestfriend for the printing downpayments. Not a peso for me. Okay.

But just weeks ago she was asking me where were her stationeries. But she has not approved the studies I made! I told her I could not have the designs printed without her approval. I waited.

Suddenly this week, she said she wanted her P4,000 back. I was flabbergasted! She said she has waited for long and it was enough. Still I kept my composure and told her, Mam I've been sending you studies you have not approved. She was telling me I did not send her any. But since I have proof to show (I copy-furnished her niece and myself), I told her she can get her money back but I have to charge her for my time in the amount of P1,000 only. Considering my patience and efforts, that one thousand would not be enough.

She was dubious. How come you charged me with a thousand when it was my design?

I was disappointed. As if making a design is just a cut and paste process.

Lesson time- Never deal with morons again. AGAIN! As if this is the first time. Again?

So I will return the P4,000 without grudges.

And keep my frustrations at bay.



Sreisaat said...

I would scream bloody murder if I were you. Pagka-jawa baja! hahaha.

Edik said...
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Edik said...

i already screamed ZJ.

ambot ngano kaha nga ang TAGBILARAN CLIENTS ra man akong problema. i have clients from cebu, region 7, manila ug US pero wa jod ko ka-encounter blema nila. kung taga bohol gani magkunsumisyon ko.

Anonymous said...

mirisi jod ka kay mosalig ka sa taga-bohol hahaha.

lesson learned.