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18 May 2009

Birds of the same feather

Every day for almost two years now, several birds would make a visit in my place.

Some of them would knock on my glass window near my door I would thought an unexpected visitor is at the door.

Sometimes they would peek at my screened windows as if trying to look who is inside.

They would wake me up with their cheerful twittering and knocking.

Can someone donate me a birdhouse?

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kg said...

looks like these creatures are drawn to you edik..bakit kaya? :)

Edik said...

maybe they thought i am a bird too hahaha.

i really don't know.

sometimes i find one or two decapitated by roaming cats because they have come too near to my place.

sad. but that's the cycle of life.

Anonymous said...

they are souls trying to get in your place. maybe former occupants?