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17 May 2009

A Questionable Question

In one of my not-so-sober moments, Emmy asked me why I love taking pictures of the sky. I told her it was just a coincidence. Deep inside I was recalling if my photos were indeed shots mostly of the skies.

I noticed, Emmy told me, that your favorite subject is the sky, she reiterated.

Yeah I think so. But I could not answer her. I don't have the knowledge and the interpretation of this desire to shoot the sky. More questions came out of my mind.

Maybe I wanted freedom? The sky is so wide I could be lost in its vastness. Freedom from what?
Maybe I wanted silence and peace? The sky, in its vastness, is free of worldy things that clogged the mind. There you only share the birds and at some point aircrafts and is generally peaceful.

Maybe I love everything wide and vast like the skies? Maybe I am, in most cases, uncertain with things, so my pictures tell me of who I am.

My life is full of maybes. Until now.

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