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25 May 2009

The Pacquiao of Films: Brillante Mendoza

No! I am not really a Pinoy film fan. In fact my last viewing of Pinoy commercial films was eons ago. I could not even remember if it was a Vilma or Sharon-starrer but one thing I am sure of- it was disgusting! And it was supposed to be the Best Picture in the country.

I saw some so called indie films from pirated DVDs I borrowed from my friends' collections but they were mostly gay movies riding the indie trend, so I stopped viewing them.

But when Inquirer posted a news that a certain Brillante Mendoza knocked down bigtime directors in Cannes festival, I am truly amazed. How come?

Imagine this Mendoza bested Ang Lee, Pedro Almodovar, Jane Campion and Quentin Tarantino! Wow! He must be that good, if not the best!

Mendoza bested past Oscar and Cannes winners, like Taiwan’s Ang Lee, Spain’s Pedro Almodovar, New Zealand’s Jane Campion, Denmark’s Lars von Trier, and the United States’ Quentin Tarantino.

As the first Filipino to win the Best Director prize in Cannes, he joins the list of revered filmmakers who have won the coveted prize, including Martin Scorsese, Ingmar Bergman, Francois Truffaut, Luis Buñuel, Robert Bresson, Costa Gavras, Bernard Tavernier, Werner Herzog, Robert Altman, Joel Coen and Gus Van Sant. (

I wish Pinoy films have come this far. I mean, not funny when the film should have been a horror story. Or seeing scenes dwelling on the longer kissing/sex scenes just to "fill in" the gaps. Or parading naked men because this is an indie film. In other words- SUBSTANCE.

Finally I have a reason to see this Pinoy film, this Kinatay, and not just another Pinoy film.


kg said...

grabe! this news made me real happy! at least something good still happens to us Filipinos!

Edik said...

like what i've told to my friends, this is extraordinary! really! tinalo nya ang mga well-known directors.

AND mas proud ako dito kesa yung kay manny pacquiao. honestly.

Anonymous said...


Sidney said...

Not sure I want to see someone raped and hacked to death... I have another vision of entertainment...