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04 May 2009

GMA 7 is in another time zone: WAKE UP!

While I have already seen the Pacquiao-Hatton fight and knew the results before 12 noon yesterday thru live streaming in the internet, the rest of the country who relied GMA 7's broadcast was bombarded by gazillions (to describe their agony) of ads. Such a shame.

And it hurts them, the GMA 7 viewers, to know that some people already knew the results and they were not even able to see some parts of the telecast. It was a double kill. Kapuso daw pero wala namang puso para sa mga tao. Ouch!

Maybe GMA 7 should realize that having all of them ads will not get them enough revenue to get even with what they have paid to Manny Pacquaio. They should stop torturing its followers because they paid Pacquiao so much.

In this highly advanced world of technologies, GMA 7 (and all other networks) should realize that they were not alone and anytime, yesterday for example, a big chunk of televiewers have already opted for a better and more reliable service, pay-per-view TV and the internet.

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