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30 October 2009

Love and zombies

I was at Robinson's today for a lunch break. Alone and eating silently the two vegetarian pizza I ordered, I could not help but notice a young couple somewhere in a cornered space next to my table. They shared a big lemonade and looked like the two were enraptured with each other. They did not mind the stares. They were alone by themselves. Despite the crowd.

The young man, zombiefied with the presence of his girlfriend, only stared at her like he was afraid she might be blown away any moment. I never have seen zombies actually except in movies. Those hideous creatures who love to bite people. And this young man looked like one, staring at her girlfriend like she was a meal. He was licking his lips every now and then actually, smacking his lips. He, perhaps, was longing to eat her but time and space would not allow him to.

The girl was obviously kilig, the only real person between them. But she was like a trapped animal who could not decide if she wanted to leave or stay. She incessantly looked at her back every time, and many times if someone passed them by. Trapped but loving the moment. Look around. Smile. Stare at his boyfriend. Kilig.

Or were they sharing a forbidden love?

I envied them.

I wish to tell them to savor every moment they have and make them last if not forever. Soon, when the realities of life settles in, there will be no more crazy, raptured moments but a nagging pain to disconnect.
Love, like defecation, is never a settled matter. It forms and re-forms itself, makes itself felt, makes itself a NUISANCE. Merely a vehicle for physical exchange with another - illogical to place so much importance on it. - Lucy Ellmann, Dot in the Universe

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