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11 January 2009

Feeling Greek, eating Greek

We all watched Mamma Mia! and wondered how to go to Greece and enjoy everything Greek. But aside from Christine who works in some private yacht touring Europe, all of us could not even afford to seat in a plane to Greece.

So Christine pampered us to a Greek cuisine, my choice actually, and brought us to Cyma at The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu.

Although they were on a limited menu, Ice, our waiter, recommended some of the available fares which all of us found mind-boggling even with their names. But our mission there was to explore. And taste Greece. 

We ordered the weirdest of names and later was amused with their taste. Mora man lang nig burito kung wa pa ning lime ug white cheese. (This is just burrito with lime and cheese.) Some of us later quipped. We ordered different food and later share them so as to maximize the experience.

I like the sweet melon and lamb salad best over a bottle of Hardy's white wine.

Now I am not the food critique type but I found the food served actually exciting and full of flavors. I wondered why our Filipino cuisine lacked the tang from the herbs Mediterraneans would put on their cuisine. But then again we all have different tastes and each region is distinct from the other. 

And so this experience.

And while there, be careful with anything that comes with fire- the staff at Cyma would usually shout OPA! upon serving. If it is your first time there, I am sure you would be shocked.

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