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04 January 2009

Can't sleep. Could not sleep.

I slept earlier actually. 8 pm. Unusual.

But I felt cold the whole day. Very unusual again. Must be the weather. Must be the stress I encountered yesterday when my bag with checks and important documents and keys to the house was carried by an unknown passenger leaving me with her bag of unwashed undies. Or just because I sent off a very close relative and her family to the airport today because they are leaving for US. Whatever.

But today was unusually cold.

Maybe because I still have the rashes from my til-as (tell me the English term please) encounter in Batuan. Didn't knew why those greeny oval-shaped things with lots of toxic pricks in their bodies and found in plant leaves suddenly was in my right arm and it hurts like hell. Til-as. Why not tell me. Or you. Why tell us? I'm babbling.

I felt cold. In fact I am shivering to the bones. My body is not even hot. No cough. No colds. I think I have no fever. But I'm cold.

I woke up at 12.30 this morning because somebody miscalled me. Damn! I ignored it. Went to the john only to find a cockroach waiting for me. FYI roaches can kill me, I believe. I abhor them. Those creepy dirty whiskery flying idiots who could survive a nuclear holocaust. Am I just envious? Once I have a bug spray in my bag and friends made fun of me because of it. Roaches tensed me to the maximum level. I sprayed him ( hope he is a he because he would be dead) and it was a bad decision. He/It flew and ran all over my place. 

The more I'm stressed out!

Glad he was dead later. But still I could not sleep. And I am cold! Brrrrrr.

I covered my body with my good old habol (blankets).

The sound of termites eating my door reverberated my room. The clock's ticking joined in like there is a countdown ongoing.

I could not sleep.

I'm cold.

And so this blog.

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kg said...

You're not the only one feeling cold edik! super lamig din dito. I remember early December someone from PAGASA (if I remember correctly) said that January and February will be colder than December! Brrrr!