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21 January 2009

So very Filipino

We were craving for beer and wanting to check on the new tambayan here in Cebu called The Strip. The former Food Street now renovated and spanky clean has a 24-hour store and crowds of young professionals and students frequent the area. It used to be a smelly place near the Capitol building but we heard it was foreclosed and now the bank is managing the area. 

Well- when we arrived there, some moneyed patrons, judging from the cars that parked there, have already convereged on the area. We barely have a table and seats available.

We have consumed about ten bottles of the newly introduced San Miguel Premium All Malt beer when the sudden urge of the call of nature, also known as peeing, a result from the beers that bloated us, was inevitable. I asked the counter girl where can I go. She told me to ask the guard.

The guard was nowhere to be found so I sat still. When he appeared I was more than happy. Smiling, I asked him the directions to the comfort rooms. He told me plainly, Wala man mi CR diri sir [We have no CRs here sir]. Sa kilid-kild lang sir. [Just pee on the sides].


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