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22 January 2009

"Health is wealth"

[Goodbye Mariana Bridi da Costa!]

My mother would always remind me- Health is wealth. She would admonish us when we seemed to forget that our bodies were so fragile.

A healthy body is our only hope, she would tell us. For how can you earn money when you are always sick? Indeed she was right- once again.

When I read the news about a Brazilian model who got her arms and legs amputated because of severe infection, I was sad. I didn't know her of course. But earning money from a modelling job and suddenly your arms and feet are amputated doesn't make sense anymore. When can she recover from that? If she could.

Or I am just a pessimist!

Brazilian model’s hands, feet amputated 

Agence France-Presse
First Posted 09:39:00 01/22/2009

Filed Under: Health treatment, Diseases

SAO PAULO -- A 20-year-old model who was a finalist to represent Brazil in the Miss World contest has had her hands and feet amputated after contracting a severe urinary infection, media reported Wednesday.

Mariana Bridi da Costa was sedated in a hospital in Serra, in Brazil's state of Espirito Santo, and on artificial respiration following the procedures, according to several dailies.

Bridi was diagnosed with infection by the Pseudomonas aeroginosa bacterium, which can often prove fatal. Septicemia set in in her limbs, cutting off circulation and forcing doctors to amputate.

Her boyfriend, Thiago Simoes, told the G1 news website that Bridi fell ill on December 30, but was initially misdiagnosed with kidney stones.

The infection quickly spread, causing her to go back to hospital for tests that revealed her condition. Surgeons had to act to remove her damaged hands and feet.

Her father, Agnaldo da Costa, told the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper that "the concern is over her life."

Bridi twice made it into the national finals for the Miss World contest, and last year traveled to China to participate in the Miss Bikini International pageant, G1 said.

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