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15 January 2009

My love affair with Sinulog

Most of you non-Cebuanos would excitedly flock to Cebu and see the Sinulog celebrations. Mine is a love-hate relationship with Sinulog. Here are the reasons why-

Why I hate Sinulog-
  • People everywhere would cause massive traffic jams.
  • The usual 15-minute ride would almost become an hour of intense struggle.
  • During the Sinulog parade, all you could do is walk. Jeepneys are re-routed. Taxis won't bring you to your destination no matter how near because of very slow traffic.
  • Noise pollution becomes intense! Beating of drums even in the evenings can be heard. Karaoke in the houses are on the rise.
  • Our favorite hangouts suddenly become full and nowhere can we sit in.
  • Bars, even those unknown, would cordone off their premises and impose an entrance fee even if they have nothing special going on. You pay the entrance fee and drink a beer. Shucks.
  • I have to search for hotels and pension houses so that friends could be accommodated. But at this time, even the dirtiest pension house are doing well. So I have to scout even outside city limits. Tiring!
  • Pickpockets, swindlers, snatchers would be in season.
  • Muggers and trippers also abound. Just be careful.
  • And I am quite sure only a few souls would go to the Basilica del Señor Santo Niño and at least light some candles there.

Why I love Sinulog-
  • Friends connect. Even long time friends suddenly remembers you. Especially if they need a place to stay.
  • Friends from abroad comes home. If you are good to them you can have a pasalubong.
  • So many freebies from companies offering new products and discounts!
  • Stores would offer sale and discounts.
  • Sinulog is eyecandy. Aside from the colorful costumes of dancers, so many yummy people can be seen around as if some magic spell comes to Cebu.
  • Some people come to Cebu to get laid. So be always ready, just in case. Remember to bring other safety gadgets.
  • The celebrations would bring in lots of food and drinks. Some friends would invite you to eat at their house.
  • Sinulog is a good reason to be drunk until the morning.
  • You can visit the whole province if you take time to see the big displays on the Sinulog routes.
  • Christmaasss is extended!

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