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12 January 2009

The gay side of me

I received a text message from a girl-friend asking me where they could see nude men dancing. In short- a gay bar.

This reminds me of an incident way back years ago when a group of gay friends suddenly decided to bring me to a gay bar somewhere in Mandaue City. Why Mandaue City? That city is the only place in Cebu where girlie and gay bars are being tolerated.

I resisted at their invitation but later go with the crowd since the group started to harass me. If I am confident with my sexuality, why bother? 

We entered a dark place named La Marinero where a man danced to the tune of an old song. Nazareth's Always Somewhere? I could not remember though. I was thinking to myself that dancers should be muscled and young just like in the movies but the performer might have drunk so much beer he only had a one-pack abs and neither was he young.

I started to get dizzy. Maybe because of the lights or the lack of them. Or maybe because of the smoke. Whatever, but I felt light-headed. I told the group I need some fresh air so I be excused to go out. They would not let me.

The different dancers on the stage must have the same cheap choreographer because they always have the same type of music, the same type of dance steps, the same style. Even the lighting on the stage were the same all throughout. And they were not even sexy.

I excused myself to the toilet. There I thought I could get some room but the dancers where already busy snorting something inside. How cheap that place could be. Well- I could not compare though.

I went back to my group. But the dancers already started to swarm our table like they may have smelled something. I sat down and a young dancer showed his penis right near my shoulders. I was aghast!

I went out.

Honestly I puked right at their door. I just did. I didn't know why. I almost ran towards the small stalls right outside and ordered a bottle of Red Horse beer. Gulped it down.

When my gay friends went out an hour after, they castigated me with the you-are-some-hypocrite-friend sermon and you-are-a-gay-bashing-friend-who-would-not-consider-the-joy-other-gays-want theme. 

I was just shocked. I joined them for the heck of it and thought it was fun, but it was not! And being called hypocrite while I was only being true to myself was unacceptable! I hated those gyrating men! How hypocrite could that be?

But who could win with an argument with gays? 

From that time on, when gay friends suddenly decided to go to shows of that kind, I politely decline, avoiding another disaster.

So when my girl-friend asked me where they could see those kind of shows, I told her I do not know with an honest to goodness remark.

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