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20 January 2009

The Roman Catholic Church Today

I was shocked when the parish priest of the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral announced during one of the masses that the parish has spent millions of pesos to renovate the parking space of the cathedral and would like to ask for more donations from benevolent parishioners. 

Meanwhile so many homeless people surround the premises of the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. So many people in Cebu could not even eat a decent meal much more buy a kilo of rice. So many children in the streets begging for a few centavos.

Is this a sign that the Roman Catholic Church is really numb to what's happening to the real world? 

Let me know your comments.


kg said...

I've envied the churches in Europe because they are so grand...and I guess i'm kind of hoping the same here in the Philippines. but then they're a rich region, and if there are thousands of hungry people and you can carry on your shoulders spending millions on a PARKING LOT (for goodness sake!), you would be really inclined to ask, what the hell is happening?

Edik said...

i think we should also have to check priests because most of them would blatantly display riches while they preach service to the poor.

the church (be it roman catholic, iglesia, or some unknown sect) is hypocrite!

ADre said...

Yes you may have a point that sometimes the church is being hypocrite but we should also think that helping the needy or the poor is not just an obligation of the church.And if so, we should also remember that we are the church therefore each one of us are obliged to help the needy and the poor.My point is our problem is simply not the church but we, ourselves and mostly our Government officials.

Edik said...

thanks ADre for sharing your thoughts. remember they are improving their parking lot (a mere beautification project) and has spent a million already for that. for what?

and while they do that, in the side streets of the cathedral several homeless people have been there like forever.

did you see the ambivalence?