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29 January 2009

It doesn't pay to be kind

I was very hungry this afternoon and decided to go to KFC at SM City Cebu. For all to know, I am a great fan of KFC for their food and good service. Just by scanning on what to order made my mouth water. 

When it was my turn, I ordered 2 pieces spicy chicken and a large Mountain Dew. I asked the girl at the counter to please, please give me any other part of the chicken except the leg portion. I mentioned to her I just don't like those parts. (It reminds me of chubby girls with fat legs. Imagine chomping on them.)

It became a problem. She told me they were not allowed to pair large (it was not large, my portion) with another large size. I told her to choose the smallest but never to select the leg part. She has to ask their manager first. O my God! I was flabbergasted! How many times I've been ordering like this and I never encountered a problem.

Instead of showing my irritation, I waited. I remembered the adage to be kind to people that served you. You know the rules. Get angry with them and they do something weird to your food.

Later she came back with a drumstick on my plate. I just smiled. My smile maybe has sarcasm on it and she saw it. She returned the item and finally was served right.

And meanwhile I read this news report-

By Erika Sauler
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:09:00 01/29/2009

MANILA, Philippines – Miguel Olaybar helped a man settle his bills in a karaoke bar and got stab wounds instead of a thank you in return.

Police said Olaybar, 26, was having a drink with his nephew at Marina Videoke Bar in Tondo Tuesday night when he noticed another customer who was having problems at the cashier.

Noting he was a fellow Visayan, Olaybar offered to pay his bills. The suspect refused but Olaybar still settled his bills then left.

But they went back shortly to have another round of drink. The suspect, who was still there, suddenly stabbed Olaybar with a fan knife.

The assailant fled on foot after the incident. Olaybar described him as sporting a long hair, about 5’4” tall and 26 to 27 years old.

Olaybar was brought to a hospital for treatment of stab wounds at the right shoulder and armpit.

The world has become so weird indeed!

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kg said...

I hope [and believe] that this is an isolated case...there's nothing I like more than to spread kindness...:)