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12 January 2009

Hindi mo ba ako kilala?

Those words might be attributed to the Pangandamans as of this time. (What? You haven't heard? To start with, read this link.) But in reality, most politicians and the heirarchy who insisted that there are higher echelons in the society would repeatedly abuse those lines to remind us in the lower strata that they are the superpowers of this ailing nation that is called the Philippines. Those are the words of arrogance.

Hindi mo ba ako kilala?

That line was used by the undersecretary of tourism when they illegally park their vehicle and being asked by a hotel security to move because they were blocking the area.

Hindi mo ba ako kilala?

A mayor who was refused drinks because he had had enough of too much.

Hindi mo ba ako kilala?

A police brandishing his firearms to insist his power.

Hindi mo ba ako kilala?

Opo di kita kilala. Sino ka nga ba?

To know the other side of the story of how the Pangandamans show their power, follow this first hand experience by Bambee dela Paz. To know the Pangandamans' side, you have to go to them and ask their version. But before doing that be sure you are acknowledged by the Pangandamans or else.

Quotable Quote: 

"The offspring of riches: pride, vanity, ostentation, arrogance, tyranny." [Mark Twain]


kg said...

I hate cases like this... you know, they are supposed to be public servants and yet they act as if we were there servants! bwisit talaga yang mga yan!

Edik said...

sinabi mo pa! i don't know what is happening to our country. so many public scandals being tolerated.

but today is a good day! i will have my own time.