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23 January 2009

Quote from Wanggo Gallaga on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Some things last


In the full blossom of your youth, at the height of all your frenetic energy, you spend your time doing things that, as you grow older, you may find yourself regretting. All that wasted time! But as you get older, wisdom sets in, you properly define yourself, and there are things you wish you could do, but you are now too old to do so.

An amazing line from the film: “Life can only be understood looking backward. It must be lived forward.”

It would be wonderful if life were made that way. But as the film illustrates, whether growing older or growing younger, it doesn’t matter if you end up not doing what you’ve wanted to do in life.

Everyone’s life is just a collection of moments and memories. People will go away, people will die, you will love and you will fall out of love.

At one point, Benjamin says, “Nothing lasts.” Blanchett’s Daisy replies, “Some things last.”

They would include memories—what we leave behind and who we leave behind. Knowing that, growing older doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

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