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14 March 2008

Fit For A Tea

I am not a tea person although my grandparents used to let us drink one from time to time. My usual reaction was a big YUCK! I always associate tea with the tinustos (large hand-rolled tobacco) my Lola puffed every time she had her tea.

But when my good friend Cherry sent me a bundle of different flavored teas from UK, I did not hesitate to try them. Plus her sister Glee gave me a very cute mug from Barnes&Noble. Who could not resist the challenge?

Yesterday I tried the Lipton Lemon Herbal Tea and the Twinings African Rooibos Red Tea. O my! I was literally transported to some places I've never known. Later I will try the Bigelow Spiced Chai Tea and the Salada White Tea. The names themselves promised a new experience.

Enough of having myself the regular iced teas. Now I know better.


Power of Tea

Did you know that after water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world?

A nice hot cup of tea can make life's little miseries more bearable and boost your antioxidant quotient. There's something very calming about the ritual of preparing a pot of tea. Tea, whether it is black, white or herbal, has many health benefits. Latest research shows that a daily cuppa is brimful of antioxidants, which can lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.

In Japan, a team of researchers was able to link green tea consumption with decreased mortality from all causes, based on a report from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Also, research shows that green tea may contain cancer-fighting agents, while certain herbal teas claim to combat or soothe many maladies. Some experts believe its flavonoids may even inhibit the growth of plaque on teeth.

Apart from being good for the health, the humble cup of tea was a powerful device for promoting world peace, according to a Japanese grandmaster Genshitsu Sen whose family has been promoting the tradition of tea-making for 500 years. It might be a result of the gentle act of making tea that could have an impact on human relations, suggested by Dr Sen, speaking through an interpreter.

Occupational psychologist Dr Rebecca Newton, who conducted a study into tea drinking for the UK Tea Council, said it is true that drinking tea together is a relaxing way for people to communicate effectively. "Tea is a natural social lubricant. It helps people relax, talk to one another and catch up. So it makes sense that one of the most effective ways to build a good reputation in the office is to make a refreshing cup of tea for colleagues.”

Tea is so popular today, with many flavours available. Drink to your health with traditional herbals favourites such as peppermint or chamomile or tempt yourself with one of the modern blends such as berry ripe, a chocolate and berry sensation or maybe Japanese Sencha green tea infused with vanilla. Get your cuppa tea, savour the taste and reap the benefits of it.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad I introduced the tea culture to you edik. it's like wine you know. there are so many kinds and it is dooper healthy. and for this, expect more from me...pohon. hugs!

Anonymous said...

recently tried japanese cherry tea from coffee bean. yum.

i also recommend the sleepytime tea from celestial seasonings, which you can find at the local supermarket.

tazo teas are also good.

green teas are my favorite.

peppermint teas cleanse your palate after a heavy and/or oily meal.

Edik said...

thank you guys for the intro to tea. i will try to scout some brands at rustan's.