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13 March 2008

Weird Jobs

I was browsing for obvious reasons. I had a friend who got his job from the website and he almost always recommend the site whenever somebody ask for a job.

I was tempted to register at the said site because I have met people from the Department of Trade and Industry who openly brag their jobs waiting in Dubai. Of course, with salaries much higher than here in the Philippines who would not leave the country?

While browsing from the pages for possible jobs (there are thousands, I tell you) I noticed some weird-sounding jobs from the site. So I listed them down for you to see. Share your comments at the first glance/read of the jobs. But wait- I think these are much better jobs than the one featured at the Discovery Channel (Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe).

  • Sewer (I thought they were interested with our sewerage system in the country)
  • Female Sewer
  • Boring Technicians (Huh!)
  • Roughnecks
  • Air Diver
  • Night Tool Pushers (What tools again?)
  • Erectors (Now this is quite handy ha)
  • Crawler (Where?)
  • Light Drivers (Later they will be driving me crazy)
  • Mess Supervisor (Cleanliness is priority)
  • Execution Manager (Patay ako dito)
  • Erection Coordinator (Viagra?)
  • Scaffolding Trainer (Dapat pa bang i-train ang mga scaffoldings?)
  • Pickaway
  • Lubrication Mechanic (Hmmm)

There are more weird jobs at the site but my head aches from looking for them.

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