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07 March 2008

New Home, New Life

Whew! I never experienced being too tired moving to a new home. Old age? After several pushing, heaving, climbing stairs, cleaning up closets and dark corners, I got the cold virus. The dusts ignited my troubled sinuses again.

And when I am busy moving in, so many meetings to attend to suddenly crop up. Of all times, why this? So I have to hiss and slurp my sinusitis while discussing weird things with people. My head aches due to some creative bombardments(?). When it rains, it pours.

Having no internet connection at this time I have to go down town to a cafe and do this and so many things. Maybe you have noticed my absence. Or I noticed my absence from the postings hehehe.

I am glad it rained hard today. Got the chance to wake up early and walk under the rain. I am glad too, that the guy at this cafe allowed my presence despite my dripping situation. Oh I am so cold. The aircon is full blast.

I hope Smart will be able to connect me today. I miss blogging. I miss connecting with friends.


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