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08 March 2008


Foreigner banned after insulting Filipinos
By Tetch
First Posted 15:25:00 03/07/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- For insulting Filipinos in public and bad-mouthing an immigration officer, a foreigner has been banned from entering the country by Immigration Commissioner Marcelino Libanan.

Libanan issued the blacklist order against Jenifer Sharmila Kalka, 42, identified as a Dutch national.The incident occurred at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) immigration arrival area last February 8, minutes after Kalka arrived aboard a Cathay Pacific flight from Hongkong, Libanan said.

NAIA-BI officials reported that Kalka allegedly refused to answer routine questions from immigration officer Fortunato Manahan who was on duty at the NAIA-BI counter. He asked her purpose in coming to the Philippines and after being politely advised to fill up the disembarkation form, she refused to do so.

Instead, the woman allegedly turned rowdy and said: “You Filipinos are f___ing lazy!” which caused a commotion among the other passengers, according to Libanan.

Kalka reportedly continued to shout her invectives even after she was warned that she won’t be allowed to enter the country.When brought to the airport’s immigration office, the woman allegedly repeated her unkind remarks, saying “you Filipinos are f___ing lazy. That is why you are poor,” according to Libanan.She was thus refused entry, issued an exclusion order, and booked on the first available flight to her port of origin, said Libanan.

Libanan said Kalka was among thousands of foreigners who have been blacklisted by the BI for being rude and arrogant towards immigration officers.

Libanan noted that Kalka and many of the other foreign travelers who were blacklisted also uttered insulting remarks about Filipinos, an act which, he said, was “an affront to the dignity of our people and to our sovereignty as a nation.

A foreign tourist who exhibits arrogance and rude behavior upon his arrival in the Philippines should be turned back right away for he does not deserve the hospitality of our country and people,” the BI chief said.

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ZJ said...

Buti nga sa kanya. Was she on drugs? Di niya ba alam ang immigration formalities? Grabe ano?
Pero kibaw ka, I had a bad experience diha sa NAIA na immigration. They were very rude to me.