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31 March 2008


I am pissed off today. My client, owner of a well-known travel agency in Tagbilaran City whose office is located in one of the known resort-hotels in the city, is hiding from me for a mere P5,000 bucks.

He asked me to design collaterals including company logo of his newly-conceptualized company, a leisure real estate consultancy. Without asking a fixed price (since he is an old client) I readily made studies and submitted them to him. After 3 studies and several revisions, we finally came up with his logo. When the logo was finalized, he asked me to design a business card, a letterhead and company envelope. These I made with 3 studies each and several revisions for the final output. When he decided to print them, I submitted the final proof. He approved.

I faxed to him a billing letter for P6,000 (very cheap) for my professional fee, considering the amount of time and effort I devoted on this project notwithstanding the people he harrased to finished the materials and me absorbing the retaliations. He asked that I lower it to P5,000 since his company is new. I okayed. He promised to pay when the materials are delivered. All items were delivered a month ago.

Now comes payment time.

I sent him a text message asking for the payment. No answer.

A week after I called up. He was nowhere to be found at his office. I texted him again. No reply. I called up his mobile phone. Not answered. I texted his wife, his business partner. She didn't know about our business. Texted him for final billing again and again so he will be irritated.

And then suddenly he called me up, babbling and rattling that the items I sent him did not meet up to his expectations and he is not going to pay. Just like that.

I am rather pissed. Only after a month when I am sure he was already using these materials, did he complained of dissatisfaction. I don't know what to say.

I remained unpaid until now.


Jay said...

Oh my! I hear this so often from friends and colleagues. SO OFTEN!

All I can say is "typical Filipino."

Always get 50% way before you get to the point of final drafts and revisions! Never deliver the remainder of the project (the final files of the artwork, etc) until the remainder has been paid.

If people won't accept these terms, they are out to take advantage of you...which, I've found through my friends' experiences, most are. Only 1 out of 5 will accept the terms usually agreed upon by Americans and Europeans...and even then a number of them scam you in the same way.

You could always start another blog and be another "Brian" to his "DJ Montano".

Edik said...

So many lessons learned, indeed Jay. Thanks for the inputs.

Ryan Macalandag said...


And to think HE always brags about you doing designs for them. ALWAYS, man. It's like Edik did this, Edik did that.

He came to me once to do some design stuff for him. He still owes us (me and a writer partner) P10,000.00!

Boo! Hoo!