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15 March 2008

Wish Ko Lang

I have to cry crocodile tears here so that GMA's Wish Ko Lang program would grant my dream. I am sure they will grant me this-


Ako na bahala sa visa ko (hikbi starts here) and the legal costs to visit the hotel (crying now). My family is so poor even going to Manila is luxury. My father has no job. Mother is just a plain housewife. I rarely eat a full meal a day. (Iyakan na talaga.)

I have this terrible disease unknown by many doctors. (Hikbi na naman.) And that disease can be cured only if I can stay at Burj. The Burj Al Arab can prevent my sudden death. O please help me. Oh I'm dying now.

But wait- I have to post this cool article first from Luxist where I got this silly idea.

The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah resort in Dubai, is acknowledged as the best hotel in the world. So how does a hotel earn such bragging rights?

The stellar customer service starts the moment you land in Dubai, with a chauffeur picking you up in the Rolls Royce that will be yours for the duration of your stay. When you arrive at the breathtaking hotel which stands 321 meters tall in the shape of a sail, you are taken directly to one of the 202 suites where you are checked in, a service that guarantees your privacy. Each sprawling suite is two levels, and has floor to ceiling windows providing breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. Some of the listed in room features are, a private elevator, private cinema, a rotating four-post canopy bed,a separate butler entrance and a study area with a library. Should you venture out of your palace, activities made available to guests include hot air ballooning, horse back riding, golf at the world class Montgomerie Golf Course, desert safari day trips, chartered yacht trips and helicopter tours. After working up and appetite you are invited to dine at one of the hotels award winning restaurants. The signature restaurant, 'Al Mahara is frequently listed as one of the top ten restaurants in the world and offers the finest seafood and Mediterranean cuisine in an underwater setting, complete with a mock submarine ride. Unparalleled luxury, set in paradise... truly a once in a lifetime experience, especially when you consider the prices.

An evening at the Burj Al Arab will cost you between $3,000 and $5,000 per night!

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