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13 March 2008

Russia Charges Blogger for Inciting Police Hatred

Copied from Wired Blog Network

By David Kravets
March 12, 2008 | 4:56:22 PM

Russian blogger Savva Terentyev is being charged for inciting hatred toward the authorities for a post that, among other things, labeled the police "uneducated representatives of the animal world."

Terentyev said Wednesday that the charges were a result of a February 2007 posting in which he chastised local authorities for raiding an opposition newspaper.

Terentyev's comments, first published by The Associated Press, come amid a government crackdown on Russian internet and media outlets.

"They're trash - and those that become cops are simply trash, dumb, uneducated representatives of the animal world," Terentyev wrote. "It would be good if in the center of every town in Russia ... an oven was built, like at Auschwitz, in which ceremonially, every day, and better yet, twice a day ... the infidel cops were burnt. This would be the first step toward cleaning society of these cop-hoodlum scum."

If Terentyev doesn't like restrictions to his voice in Russia, he should move to the United States.

That's the country where President Bush, as commander in chief, has drift-netted American's electronic communications in a bid to protect their freedoms, including the right of free speech. It's also the country where web sites critical of the police are taken down for murky reasons.

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