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16 March 2008

Have a Green Palm Sunday

Among Catholics, today is Palm Sunday. This is in commemoration of Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem which later also had him martyred.

Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem is a messianic event, through which His Divine authority is declared. The events of Palm Sunday call each of us to lift up our voices and praise God; and behold our King, the Word of God made flesh. Palm Sunday summons us to accept both the rule and the Kingdom of God as the goal and content of our Christian life. (St Barbara Greek Orthodox Church website)

Since childhood, the celebration would always had me busy getting young parts of leaves of coconut trees for us to wave during the blessing of palms.

Now that I am older, I was wondering if any of us had the thought that we are slowly killing our coconut trees just for the ocassion. And the country's coconut industry is not doing well in the world market as well.

For the love of coconuts, why don't the Catholic Church imposed on ONE STRAND (is that one leaf called?) OF COCO PALM for each Catholic? Attention Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines!

I remember my neighbor back then. He had his coconut cut down for the ocassion and had his kids carry the whole bunch complete with various designs to St James the Apostle church in Batuan.

We all love theatrics I know, but let us be environmentally-correct this time.

Photo from BBC news

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