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10 March 2008

Getting Even: Naming Names of Socialites and Other Social Climbers so His Money Be Returned

I was actually enticed by Misterhubs to this blogsite where several names of "famous" socialites were exposed due to some money stolen or borrowed without being returned. See what money can do?

I was actually hooked, reading the stuff (lots of stuffs I mean) for an hour or so. The names did not struck a chord. They were just Lopezes, Tinios, Montanos, etc. Maybe because I am only a probinsyano who does not know what goes on at imperial Manila. Except of course that Tim Yap something because I happen to see him every now and then flashing those weird outfits in the pages of Inquirer.

For those of you who wanted juicy items just like me, this is the site.

By the way, the Gucci Gang as Brian revealed includes the following:

  • Tim Yap
  • Celine Lopez
  • Jackie Cohen Antonio
  • Wendy Puyat
  • DJ Montano
  • Chut Cuerva
  • Marcel ( forced to be in it)
  • Marco Antonio
  • Tina Tinio
  • Hindi Weber Tantoco
  • Jenni Epperson
  • Xeng Zulueta
  • Ana Angara
  • Manny del rosario
  • Ricky Delgado
  • Ipe Cruz

Does anyone, anybody knows them?

Photo of Montano from PinoyExchange; Lopez from Showbizpinoy News

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