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28 March 2008

Ouch! That Hurts!

Quoted from blogspot's (or even the internet's) Star of the Moment- Brian Gorrell.

  • You can't print names in Manila. Hence the on going corruption problems. People are terrified. Really scared to talk. I know that is true.I don't want to argue with anyone about this. Its true!

  • I call treason on all you fat cats and fat bitches who have prospered and reaped/raped your fortunes as a result of and on the backs of your fellow countrymen. And we are NOT supposed to write about any of them. We can't print their pictures in a negative light. No links. No freedom. No shit!

  • Because people know what's right and proper at the end of the day. Truth.

  • No one pays attention to the Philippines at the moment. Because of this corrupt reputation around the world.

  • It is cheaper not to educate people. Free actually. Its also easy not to educate people. You just don't do it.Simple. Thats why there is so much intolerance and ignorance.

Actually, there are some more but reading the posts at the site would take you an hour the least. This is more interesting than the rice shortage of the Philippines.

Visit Brian Gorrell's blog here.
Photo of Gorrell and DJ Montano from Gorrell's blogspot

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