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11 August 2009

A crazy good night

He smiled a toothy smile, a yellowed tooth and unhealthy gums showing, unmindful of the present. He stared into oblivion, seeing something he might have a connection to.

He carefully placed the sack on the side street. His possessions? 

He placed it with extra care like some vulnerable things would be broken into pieces if he was not careful enough. Just like putting a sleeping child on a crib. Only, the child he was supposed to put on a crib might be in that sack.

I still did not understand why he was smiling. I froze. Waited patiently. Observing.

He carefully unwound the string that held his sack intact. Another sack came out. 

He consigned it on the same earth he might be familiar with. Just like a dog. Particularly precise, he unrolled the sack and patted them to sleep. Each four sides of the sack he patted, completing a full circle. Or was it a full square? And yes, just like a dog about to sleep.

He put the plump sack on the other end and like a happy child, he lay down unperturbed. Lolling like he was in his bedroom. Lounging. He smiled a smile of contentment.

I envy him. Only, I don’t want to be like him. Another psychiatric case in this city already full of fools.

I went home.

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