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29 August 2009

Terrorists in our midst

I really hate politics!

Recent events in the country that also focused on the issue of the Visiting Forces Agreement is getting dumb and dumber. Come on, kill me for airing my side.

My ignorance about this VFA shit might be glaring. Who cares? But I am asking- Who would help us eradicate the Abu Sayaff and other stray Muslim extremists? Congressman Palparan? First Gentleman Mike Arroyo?

The government has promised the Filipino people that it would annihilate specifically the Abu Sayaff. That remains a promise. We could not even get hold of a small band of leftists called NPA. They are ill-equipped since I was not born but until now they are there, another reason for the government military to become corrupt.

Are we willing to be terrorized everyday in our lives with these bandits because of our national "pride"?

Or we just love seeing these people below disturbing our peace and be willing victims of their selfish cause all in the name of pakikibaka? Have they defended us against terrorists?

(pictures from, China Economic Net,,,

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