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28 August 2009

Fasting and Ramadan: Gun Shots

I was cowering in fear and was perspiring a lot. Felt so cold and yet perspiring.

I was riding this tricycle driven by a brother I did not know. The trike has a machine gun mounted on it. But suddenly the machine gun was directed at me. Before long a bullet could burst and tore me in pieces, I jumped out of the trike and took cover. I ran, fell, ran, fell and ran. I saw my mother and I took refuge in her comfort. But still the powers of the invasion excused no one. So I ran again and fell again. I could not use my phone because it was traceable. But even if I use my phone, I did not kow whom to call. I ran.

Sudden burst of machine power took over the whole place where I was in. Even the powerlines were quivering in its power. It was like an alien invasion. Doomsday! I sensed a ringing. In my head. In my ears. The ringing was within my ears. It was too loud. I shouted in fear.

And then I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock. It is 3.30 in the morning. Time to prepare for my fast.

Today is my seventh and I could not think of anything in my prayers. I just sat there. Empty!

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