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03 August 2009

What happened before and in-between?

When Ninoy Aquino was assassinated and the subsequent People Power that followed, we proudly declared to the world that we are proud to be Filipinos. We wear shirts declaring that or some sort.

That declaration suddenly died down.

When Manny Pacquiao took all the boxing crowns, the emergence of pride in the form of slogans came again.

After that- nothing.

Now that Cory Aquino died, another onslaught of those proud Filipino slogans is seen in Facebook.

What happened in between? Are we not a proud Filipino when we had a dictator? When a Filipino film director slayed the more stable and established directors at Cannes? When we are poor as ever? When we were considered as inventors of yoyo? When rampant graft and corruption has become a way of life of President Arroyo? When some unknown child become an ice skating champion somewhere even if we don't have snow here?

But what about you? When have you become a proud Filipino?

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