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24 August 2009

New Moon

In between light and darkness, when the horizon becomes blue and orange and deep purple and then grey, when people starts burning up their torches to see but not seeing your beauty and grace, you caught me staring at you for a long time, trying to figure out what’s with you? I am confused. You’re up there unknowingly showing your half self. Not full but half. Like the one I know who wants to be discovered but not yet. Ambivalence personified.

Questions linger in my mind like a school of fish seeing food. These questions nibble constantly, each morsel not a nourishment but a mystery. A mystery slowly and painstakingly disintegrating right before my eyes as I tried to discern them, leaving me uninformed of what you wanted me to discover. Leaving me a hemispherical question I could not fathom.

Different religions embraced you like you are a sage. You show up, they fast. You show up, they grow strong. You show up, they took another form. Some even took their knowledge of a god based on your appearance and disappearance, adding mystery to your already mysterious personality.

People behave uniquely when you are around. They put you forever in temple minarets to be gazed upon. They put you in emblems for others to shiver in remembrance. Some became senseless, bowing to you when you place yourself up there. Lunatics!

You symbolized a new beginning. You symbolized a half-crazed mind. A new life. A different one. A fresh start. What powers do you have?

When darkness claims its stake and lovers begin their romantic sighs in some meadows unknown, they claim they see the stars banding together when they fall in-love. Some see a man on a full moon. Some see bats and witches and zombies. But, what about you?

Have I fallen in love, too?

(picture from NASA)

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