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11 August 2009

What did Arroyo and cohorts ordered at Le Cirque

If Representative Romualdez of Leyte shouldered and footed the bill (accept my grammar, for all I know he sold his body and soul on this) as claimed by Palace-mongers, the good congressman must be that rich. 

I should see him feeding his constituents especially those roaming around Tacloban City begging for food.

5 servings of Osetra caviar and 5 California Osetra caviar - $1,900
25 sets of Chef's seasonal menu - $1,450
25 sets of Chef's tasting menu with wine pairing - $4,500
Appetizers - $714
2 sets of main courses - $1,442
11 bottles of Krug champagne - $5,610
Total cost, including tax and service charge/tip - $19,866

Pic from Hay!Men


kg said...

is the source of this list reliable? it's really disheartening [although not unheard of]. The president should lead by example!

Edik said...

if it is INQUIRER, i believe this source is reliable. you can see the itemized list on their editorial yesterday. please click on the links i have provided.