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21 August 2009

Fasting and Ramadan

Now that I have tried doing yoga, I will try fasting during the Ramadan.

Just to make this clear and straight- I am not a Muslim. But in honor of my Islamic friends I will do my own fasting during the Ramadan.

This is quite a challenge for me. For so long I have been wanting to fast (the real one) but it seems I could not let go of of alcohol, especially ice-cold beers. WIth food, I have no problem. I could go for days without eating.

I tried fasting for three days long time ago but wasn't able to make it through because I succumbed to the pleasures of the mind and body.

Now I want to try it again.

With the course of this fasting, I ask my friends and enemies for their forgiveness, those whom I have hurt I ask for pardon. I am a weak person and I am trying to make myself a better one.

Please help me guys. Thirty days without food and water from sunup to sundown is tough. Your prayers are welcome.

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aLm0ndZnKissEs said...

manong! last year i've done it, today, i started na pud... (",)

Edik said...

good for you bitch! i have survived the first day.