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18 August 2009

Rules, rules, rules

Everyone is tired of rules, or so I believed. Everywhere we can see them. Some even are ridiculous all we can do is laugh at them. But almost always we love to break rules. 

Douglas MacArthur once said, Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind. But don't mind him. He is already dead.

But then again rules made us civilized people, so they say. Without rules there is only chaos. And we love them chaos. Sometimes. I am a chaotic person myself. Inside and out. Well- not really. Just an obsessive-compulsive nincoompoop.

But what is mind-boggling to me is why my classmate in high school sent me this email just this morning. Maybe he want me to obey them?

Let me share this to you so we all, in some way, do them. I surely would break some. Who wants to be blessed? Most of them blessed are somewhere dead.


  1. Today I will not strike back. If someone is rude, if someone is impatient, if someone is unkind, I will not respond in a like manner.
  2. Today I will ask God to bless my ‘enemy.’ If I come across someone who treats me harshly or unfairly, I will quietly ask God to bless that individual. I understand “enemy” could be a family member, neighbor, co-worker or stranger.
  3. Today I will be careful about what I say. I will carefully choose and guard my words being certain that I do not spread gossip.
  4. Today I will go the extra mile. I will find ways to help share the burden of another person.
  5. Today I will forgive. I will forgive any hurts or injuries that come my way.
  6. Today I will do something kind for someone, but I will do it in secret. I will reach out anonymously and bless the life of another.
  7. Today I will treat others the way I wish to be treated. I will practice the golden rule. “Do unto others as I would have them do unto me” - with EVERYONE I encounter.
  8. Today I will raise the spirits of someone who is discouraged. My smile, my words, my expression of support, can make the difference to someone who is wrestling with life.
  9. Today I will nurture my body. I will eat less. I will eat only healthy foods. I will thank God for my body.
  10. Today I will grow spiritually. I will spend a little more time in prayer today. I will begin reading something spiritual or inspirational; I will find a quiet place (at some point during this day) and listen to God’s voice.

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"He who talks to the Lord is pious and prayerful; He who hears the Lord is either delusional or actively hallucinating."  -from Doc Clara

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