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16 August 2009

Termites on the attack

I don't know who started telling everyone that if you play rock music, termites double up their wood eating habits. I disagree.

I was sound asleep when out of nowhere I could hear those termites chomping on my door frame. Yeah it is true. Maybe God has provided me with extra hearing powers, but, damn, I am truly irritated by the sound of termites eating my door.

And I did not play any music at all.

This morning I was preparing myself for a run when I heard them again. I was playing Michael Buble. They chomp chomp chomp.

When I came back after my run, I played Christina Aguilera. They chomp chomp chomp.

I knocked the wall and the door frame with hammer. They chomp their way still.

I played Gorecki. They would not stop.

I made holes on their passageways and sprayed Baygon all over. I dripped the place with muriatic acid. I put gas. Finally they stop chomping.

Now that I am at peace from my afternoon nap, I heard them again. God must be angry with me. I am only the one hearing them.

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