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22 August 2009

Fasting and Ramadan: Surviving the first day

I was confused what to eat before starting my first day of fasting. Nobody told me that I should have eaten something heavier. I only ate a slice of multigrain loaf and a glass of water. When I felt relaxed I started my prayers. I felt good.

I went back to sleep since the morning seemed very early and woke up at 9 again. I murmured some thanksgiving prayers and did some yoga exercises. I felt hungry. Ignoring my hunger, I went online and posted some shoutouts. Everyone seemed either amused or confused with my decision to fast. They thought I was converted to Islam.

When noon time came my stomach began murmuring and my mouth was dry, my lips actually cracking. I did a very intimate prayer instead. I didn't know why I was crying during prayers. I could not keep my tears to stop flowing and was literally howling like some dog in pain. I poured everything out.

I realized that I should stop crying or else I wouldn't survive later the day. So again I did some yoga exercises to keep my mind focused.

The exciting part of fasting is, I believed, the test of willpower. Friends became temptations themselves. Some offering you unexpected food. Others offered drinks. I even received invites for lunch and cold beers. I appreciated their concern and turned down the offers. My Facebook was full of ridicule.

But I survived! I have to survive. I felt so drained but alive towards the end of my fast. Everywhere I looked I could see water in a glass. Icy-cold and inviting. I told myself if I have survived the last 14 hours without water why couldn't I in the last few minutes?

I was literally crawling on the way to get a glass of water when Azary called me up and told me to drink hot tea to break the fast. I never expected that. It was like pouring cold water to a raging fire, but I did.

I was peacefully sipping tea while watching the kids play some bloody games in my computer. I sipped some more green tea after my dinner of fish, chicken and dried fish.

Life is good. Alhamdulillah!

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