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15 August 2009

Speaking of dinner, I mean lunch-

I suddenly decided to eat food at home. Hmmm, nothing unusual really. Not unlike Arroyo's expensive dinners in Washington and New York. 

Result? I made a paksiw na isda I mixed with some adobo ingredients (vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, onions, garlic, calamansi juice, bay leaves, paprika) and bits of pineapple. 

I also prepared fried rice with a hint of curry to make it different.

Voila! Mangaon na ta!


Coolmemarc7 said...

Gutom nuon ko da! Unsaon pag-order ana na menu sa restaurant?

Pininyahang adobong paksiw with fried rice curry? hehe...samot ko kagutom

Edik said...

migoooo. imbento ra na nako uy. hehehe. where are you?