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03 January 2010

A day at the cockpit arena

They spit. They curse. They spit and shout. Everything they do is through shouting. O diyes! O sais! Sa biya! Sa inilog! They stepped on my feet. They spit. They throw their garbage anywhere. They spit. They puffed their smoke on my face. They showered me with spit. Once I was pushed with excitement.

I was in the middle of a cockpit arena. Ashamed. Confused.

I shuddered every time a prized cock was assaulted, disemboweled to be exact. They howled in excitement. I cowered.

In the end, we consumed so many beers more than getting more winnings. I was given a 500 pesos balato for just being there.

Seeing a cockfight is an excruciatingly thrilling experience not worth trying again.

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