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19 January 2010

The fierce drink that gave me a big hangover

A lethal combination of orange juice (sometimes switched to pomelo juice), fresh calamansi juice, vodka, Sprite and lots of ice, this sweet and potent drink had me wasted for a day or two. Ryan Racal would not divulge the right recipe so you have to guess when you are planning on making this one. He made it by the pitcher and served by glassful, tagay style.


kg said...

ay alam ko yan. that's what we always had way back in college. tama ka nga, medyo iba ang effect nya. pano ba naman, masarap kasi, kaya napapdami ang inom. kaya ayun, di mo namamalayan, dami na ng alcohol sa katawan mo! :)

Edik said...

hahahaha may tama ka Grace.