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15 January 2010

Sinulog is here!

I was jolted out of bed at 4 in the morning because of the pounding of drums somewhere down in Guadalupe area. WTF! But I realized that today is Friday, the last day of the novena of the Señor Santo Niño of Cebu. Officially, today is the feast day.

I went to the novena mass last night despite the rain and the massive crowd (as in MASSIVE!) and wondered why this country is so religious but is very slow when it comes to prosperity. Does religiosity have to do with development? Does religion have a hand with government corruption? And I mean corruption not only in government. Even that street vendor somewhere is very corrupt, for Christsakes!

Maybe because our being religious is only skin-deep? The pratices the Spaniards taught us were imbedded in our culture but never in our psyche. Ambivalent right? Or were they a mere reflection of what our invaders did in their time and we think it should be okay to be corrupt because we pray for the forgiveness of our sins daily? Daily! Do what I say, is that it?

Anyways- Sinulog is here and time to get ready with that sturdy walking shoes. What you mean you don't know what I mean? Sinulog is basically your exercise time since most of the streets in Cebu are closed for the celebration. The usual 15 minute-ride home would now mean 2 hours of waiting in the taxi. Better walk. Another excuse to do cardio.

And please bring your rainy day gadgets despite Pagasa declaring we would be experiencing warmer weather. It has been raining since Monday and getting worst today.

Pit Señor everyone!


kg said...

oh my! sinulog na nga pala! that's one of my dreams, ang makumpleto ko ang mga festivals dito sa pilipinas, just like what my parents are doing.

Edik said...

pwede pa Grace. tomorrow is the fluvial parade and procession. sa sunday ang grand mardi gras. may oras ka pa hehehe.

the donG said...

this remains to be my most favorite experience. i attended this grand night twice and sinulog five times. the experience of being there and shouting along with others was simply amazing.