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18 January 2010

My Sinulog firsts

I am grateful of Laguna Garden Cafe at their SM City branch for the opportunity to try and loved Puto Bumbong

During my elementary days, puto bumbong was always mentioned in books. I think this is a Tagalog delicacy since I never heard or seen the Visayans cooking it. 

Puto bumbong is actually a suman and not a puto although it tastes like a puto maya only that it has butter (or margarine?) on it and grated fresh coconut. It goes well with that smokey cup of tsokolate.

Another first for me is going to Pasil area in Cebu answering to the invitation of a good friend Ryan Racal. I heard so much of the area and some of them were not good.

But when I went there, my bad impression of the place was gone. The people there are all friendly, warm and true. I had a good time with them and even celebrated with them in their street party. I felt intoxicated by the warm hospitality and the drinks they served.

Went home wasted but happy.

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Anonymous said...

ay masarap talaga ang puto bumbong. reminds me of christmas.