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10 January 2010

Truth in advertising

Destination: an island
Aim: vacation
Hitch: work while being there
Good news: strong Globe and Smart signals

During the holiday break, I was forced to buy a mobile broadband plugin so I can work online with my clients while on a supposed vacation. But before doing that I went to the two mobile giants so I can enjoy full access to the internet. 

GLOBE TATTOO categorically told me that there would be a problem with their connection on that place. From intermittent to nothing, the agent told me. Sorry sir, she said. 

SMARTBRO assured me that they can give me a good service. Wherever there is a Smart signal Sir there is Smartbro, the lady at the service counter brags.

Expectedly, I bought Smartbro and informed my clients that I will be online whenever they wanted me to.

I was wrong.

The moment I plugged Smartbro to my laptop, it took forever to connect. I was even wondering if I have consumed the 300 pesos I loaded into it PLUS the 300 pesos FREE internet hours they said was a blessing (which actually was activated only after days of usage!). The connection ranged from 0.00kbps to 0.32kbps peaking sometimes to 40.00kbps in very rare moments.

While I was supposed to be online all I did was stare at the green light on the device hoping and praying it would go blue or blink heaven for my sakes.

I was never happy surfing despite the HAPPY SMARTBRO SURFING mark on the Smartbro box I had.

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