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06 January 2010

My year started with a big bang on the head

Even before the new year came in, I was already wasted in some corner of my relatives' house wondering where in hell was I. Since I rarely come home to this kind of celebrations, they welcomed me with booze. And lots of them booze.

Ernest Hemingway said in his A Moveable Feast- "You have no respect for anything. You drink yourselves to death." Exactly.

But in a case like ours, drinking to death was a good start. And in my case it did not stop until many days after.

And while full of alcohol, I got emotional and started calling back what happened to my life before and after the new year, some of which I could only recall are listed here-
  • I was nearly evicted from my apartment many times last year because I could not pay rent. But friends pool in some cash so I could pay. Will double time for payments this new year.
  • I evaded my creditors, usually friends, because I know they would understand. And I know it would not take long. Likewise, those who owed me money did the same to me.
  • I did not give gifts because I was so poor but people still lavishly poured some, to my dismay and shame.
  • I did not give anything to my family. They understood. My presence was gift enought. I hugged them all.
  • I fucked someone and they fucked my life, but still a good learning experience was at hand. I should remember never to fuck up with someone else's life.
But still the year that was was a good one for me notwithstanding the calamities. The coming year deserved another big bang. Indeed!



kg said...

yes edik, even with all the trials, life is good!

all the best for you this 2010! :)

Edik said...

Thanks Grace. I wish the same to you too.