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09 January 2010

Rude Cebu Pacific

A person who is nice to you but is rude

to others is not a nice person.

I hate to be called an ingrate for the fact that I am enjoying free airfare to all destinations of Cebu Pacific courtesy of my sis who works in that company. But I hate rude people. Moreso when they "attack" the special children on their flights.

"Attack" may sound harsh but that was what the flight purser did to a special child (children to be exact because there were 2 onboard) on their Hongkong-Manila flight. According to Inquirer reports, the said crew allegedly told the Alcantaras in a rude and arrogant manner to deplane because of the policy that prohibits more than one mentally ill person in the same flight. As further alleged, even the pilot coerced with the purser. But they did not know that an addendum to that policy stated that special children are not considered a mental case.

Cebu Pacific apologized to the families involved and reprimanded their crew but the passengers did not take the rudeness lightly. They wanted to file a case against the airline.

I don't know if I were in the case of the purser would I-
  • impose the government regulations over acts of charity?
  • rudely ask guests (as they claim their passengers are) to deplane (get out of here) or explain to the concerned parties why they are told to do so?


kg said...

it's easy to react harshly in such a delicate matter. i for one was quick to say, "bwisit yang cebu pacific na yan ha!" and to think i am a regular customer.

but when you think it over, we should not be quick condemn, for it is perhaps the "rude" manner in which situation was handled that caused all this, not the regulation, not the misunderstanding. i would like to think that if the crew member had handled the situation in a mild and calm manner, even if he had misunderstood the "special child" to be a person with mental illness, there would be not much fuss! after all, things can be handled properly with cooler heads diba? rudeness will result it hot heads...kaya siguro humantong sa ganun ang lahat. so unfortunate. cebu pacific should train their crew to handle such situations.

Edik said...

i think that was the case Grace. it was the RUDENESS of the FA that makes this misunderstanding a classic case of harassment against people with special needs. but people now are aware of their rights so that crew, if not CEBPAC, is in trouble.

CEBPAC promised to retrain their staff, according to their publicity.

Edik said...

just read a blog that this is not the first case of discrimination against people with special needs by CEBPAC.