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14 January 2010

Superb dinner at Hola España

There are expensive restaurants and there are those who only stop at being expensive. At Hola España (The Terraces at Ayala Center Cebu), they go beyond what we call expensive. In fact we were literally pampered when we had dinner there. Gary, the cute head waiter at Hola, served us.

We ordered Bruschetta first. I think this is more of an Italian fare and not Spanish but who cares? When it arrived, the sight of it was fantastic. We asked for olive oil and balsamic vinegar and extra cheese to go with the bruschetta. It was served with extra care and smile. The taste was heavenly!

Gary gave us more hot bread and butter. I had my San Mig Light.

Then came Paella Valenciana, a combination of rice, chicken, seafood, vegetables and to my dismay, there was pork on it. Not to embarass my friend, I got my small share to taste the saffron the menu stated was there. It was really good but all I could taste was curry. I was thinking saffron tasted different and not curry-like.

The Bacalao ala Viscania was served later, a healthy combination of fish fillet, tomatoes, tender potatoes and olives. It tasted fishy of course and I devoured it with gusto.

A bottle of Spanish white wine suggested by Gary completed the ensemble.

I skipped the creme brulee and opt for the dark chocolate Boktot gave me the afternoon before. 

I had a good life, so to speak.

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