Search and You Shall Find in My World

25 January 2010

Holy cow!

I was sitting on the right side of the Father contemplating on my woes. Suddenly a woman of age appeared like an angel of misfortune right infront of me, genuflecting, rubbing her neck like that of an x-rated actress full of ecstasy. I was confused. Was she trying to tempt me in this sacred grounds? Did she mistook me for a healing saint?

The woman in my left suppressed a laugh and stared at me like I was the transgressor. I stared back wanting an explanation.

The woman again genuflected and made the sign of the cross and left.

I sighed a relief.

I looked up. Nothing. I looked in my back. There. I was standing infront of the image of Jesus the Divine Mercy. Just as I thought. I was relieved.

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