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19 January 2010

The rich and the influential still prevails

I don’t know Jason Aguilar Ivler. And he doesn’t know me either, as if I care. I have only read in the papers regarding his notoriety. But recent incidents involving the rich and influential clans have made me wonder if his being caught would really give a positive outcome in the justice system of this country.

Imagine, a million pesos in bounty has to be setup and several administrative costs including financial overheads have been disbursed by the government just to catch one, just one fugitive, a rich spoiled brat accused of killing someone also from an influential family. We are a rich country in this case.

If it could have been an ordinary citizen, like someone from the slums of Manila, killing someone like that son of a government official, the case would have been closed 2-3 days after the heinous crime. But because that SOB Ivler is also powerful, he has to go to the hospital for an operation and treatment of a gunshot in which he triggered. Had it been an ordinary person, he would have been a casualty and would be sent directly to the morgue, if at all. 

But in his case, we only have to wait on the papers on what happens next.

Some background on the Ivler-Ebarle case:

Picture from and like her I would also say if I am killed, you know who did it.

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niceyfemme said...

Unfortunately that's true. And it's not gonna change soon. We just have to do our share. Michael Jackson's Man in the mirror? Perfect song for this.